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    I want to hear from actual members

    Greetings everyone. ArchDemon here from that big BLWS scandal. I've posted in the Web Hosting Requests form as for what host I'd like, but, well, I want opinions from actual members that use their hosting.

    Since BLWS is obviously going down within the day, I need a new host. My site, is an online game that needs a host. I would like someone to suggest to me a host with the following specs.

    Around 300 MB of space. Around 10 GB of bandwidth. Preferably CPANEL with CGI support and unlimited MySQL databases.

    I'm sure that someone out there knows of an almost perfect server for a low cost. All things considered, a 17 year-old with a crappy job doesn't have much hope in the way of making money. Anyone need graphics designed? *cough* Photoshop master here! *cough*
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    I host my forum on VO, I wouldnt say they are the cheapest but have great support and uptime.

    I dont see an option in any of the "V" packages that have unlimited mysql though.

    But take at look at their plans here if you want..
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