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    I need a VPS that can handle HD Video smoothly

    We are putting together a Video Blog to feature 50 3 minute videos that will be H.264 high definition (720 by 1280)

    We want to know what configuration would be best.

    We expect no more than 500 visitors a day to this site.

    Even Vimeo is stuttery and we would like to avoid that.

    Please suggest a configuration that would benefit out needs.

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    I doubt you can get anything better than Vimeo for delivering your videos, as they're using a content delivery network. If you're getting stutters because of the way they encode it, then that's different.

    I'd recommend a decent non-oversold VPS with good amount of bandwidth, and lighttpd or an optimized apache setup.
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    Try checking out they support HD streaming

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    Are you planning on streaming the videos of just offering them as download links?
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    Streaming only

    These short clips are demo footage...but need to be of the highest quality to demo quality of digitizing of film service.

    Is there a difference?

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    I recommend Windows Media Services

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    Are you playing them back embedded in a web page, do you need true streaming with full random access to navigate to any part of the timeline, or will progressive download be sufficient? If you're embedding in a web page then I'd avoid true 720/1080 resolution and aim slightly lower as many users won't have sufficient screen resolution to view this, and would end up downscaling the video in the page which is a needless use of cpu. Video stuttering can be caused by bandwidth issues, but also occasionally by cpu use. There's also a balance to be made between bandwidth, cpu and image quality with regards to codec/codec configuration (e.g h.264 baseline versus h.264 main)

    For this sort of application I'd generally avoid a VPS due to the fact that multiple VPS accounts on the server will share the servers bandwidth, which can lead to unexpected hiccups if it's being heavily consumed by others.

    If progressive download 'streaming' is ok for your use case, then you might want to consider a CDN on a pay per bandwidth/storeage basis, I've had good results using highwinds based CDN's and Amazon Cloudfront for this type of video playback.

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    You could try checking out different packages offer that could cater best on your needs. Check the offer section forum =)

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