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    Anyone else having issues with Enom API?


    We are having issues with the enom api again, returning 'no values from server' etc. Not reporting availability of names and so on.

    They always say there are no known issues and we need to log a call with the api string etc. Very difficult as the issue is often intermittant.

    They are completely down for us again from here right now and we can't even get through on the phone as the customer support number seems engaged.

    Is anyone else having problems, or is it just us? I'd like to know as if lots of others are having issues as well, we might jump ship, but if it's us (don't think so), I guess we'd better figure out what's wrong! Don't really belive the answer I get from Enom.


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    Thanks for that. We got the same scripted response. Most annoying. At least it's not us that's broken. It'd be nice if they just stated they have issues instead of trying to make you think it's your fault.

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