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    Running a Forex VPS Business

    Hello Web Hosting Talk,

    I am a student entrepreneur in Japan, currently trying to start an IT business with my college friends.
    Meanwhile, I am trying to start a personal business to make start-up money and gain experience.
    And I have decided to start a Forex VPS business in Japan.

    Forex or FX is gaining popularity here in Japan, and also Forex bots to trade autopilot.
    But unlike US, there is no VPS to run Forex bots for 24/7.
    I am imagining to start a Forex VPS similar to ForexVPS or

    I am in need of some advices on how to start such a VPS.
    I am no programmer or technician, but I am willing to study and learn.
    It would be great if I can get some information about what I need to prepare/purchase, what software I need, etc.

    Thank you very much

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    Starting as a reseller would be a good option. if it works you can build your own server side by side
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    I wonder why you will like to jump start to VPS so quickly. You should really start as a reseller, gain more experience before going forward. You will learn a lot in between so don't worry.

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    Yeah, we don't have a VPS service specifically for Forex or FX whatsoever.

    Looking at ClickBank, Forex bots that trades on autopilot is really popular.
    And I thought it would be a great idea to start a new industry in Japan.

    I would be great if I can get a few advice.

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    I started as a reseller of now. Then you can grow a little more and get VPS.

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    FCservers, thank you very much for your reply.

    What do you mean by reseller?
    It would be great if you can give me a detail
    And how can I resell a VPS for those non-English speaking Japanese people?
    Do I have to translate everything!?

    Again, thank you very much for you time and kindness.

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    Another note about Forex traders in Japan. The users generally have very little technical expertise, after all, they just want an off-site Windows desktop environment to use a Windows application that runs 24 hours a day, making it impractical to do it at home. So they often have no idea what a server is, and terms like "root access" and so on are completely unfamiliar to them. So the key is to remove that technical aspect out of the picture for them with really good support (in Japanese of course). This is a type of user that is new to the web hosting industry and personally I see it as a growing trend, what with "cloud" being a buzzword and so on.

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    What I mean by reseller is that some FX dealers have been known to buy VPS plans direct from a webhost offering Windows VPS in Japan and on-selling that as at a higher price to individual FX traders. If you were to do the same you would have your own FX business.

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