Hello Web Hosting Talk,

I am a student entrepreneur in Japan, currently trying to start an IT business with my college friends.
Meanwhile, I am trying to start a personal business to make start-up money and gain experience.
And I have decided to start a Forex VPS business in Japan.

Forex or FX is gaining popularity here in Japan, and also Forex bots to trade autopilot.
But unlike US, there is no VPS to run Forex bots for 24/7.
I am imagining to start a Forex VPS similar to ForexVPS or forexvps.com.

I am in need of some advices on how to start such a VPS.
I am no programmer or technician, but I am willing to study and learn.
It would be great if I can get some information about what I need to prepare/purchase, what software I need, etc.

Thank you very much