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    * Do you have an idea about Hosting in.....?

    I'v a simple static website ( created by Dreamweaver & using 2 Flash banners ),the total size of my website is 2 Mb. So i need to host it in my Computer rather than using server hosting package,as i'v no intention to advertise or make business.

    My PC runs Windows XP,

    I need to know the exact softwares that i should install in my computer so that my website wil be working & can be reached anywhere ( & of course i'v a Domain name ).

    I'l be more thankful if someone will inform me the softwares with exact versions & the order i should follow to get website corerctly hosted in my computer.

    i'm waiting for ur suggestions
    help me plz

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    4,156 has instructions on how to host your web site from your home, however I would not recommend it. Make sure to check with your ISP as it may be against their TOS and it might get you in trouble.

    Is it really worth all that hassle just to save $10 per year? and offer very cheap web hosting and have been around for at least 2+ years. IIRC support is mostly forum based but it's hard to argue when you're paying less than $10 per year for web hosting.

    Best of luck!
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    To be honest your safest bet is to just purchase hosting for $3.99-$5 per month where you get regular live hands on support, rather than the chance of your ISP charging you fee's plus termination of your internet connection?

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    There are also a lot of free hosting plans that you can check out. Try Of course with free hosting you cannot expect much in the way of quality, reliability, support, privacy protection, and data protection, but for what is sounds like you want to do, it might be a good solution.

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    Ross Man is right, you can run a website for free or for low price.
    So you have to decide what is your needs and do that.
    Good Look...

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    Your best bet is to go for one of those cheap hosting package since you're not going to be running a dynamic website.

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    I agree to most here, I mean there are a lot of packages you could choose from, even cheap ones. I would rather go for that than going through all that hassle on your initial plan. I'm just not sure if that's even worth your time, but that's my opinion of course, the final decision is still up to you.

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    Why do you want to host on your own computer... it would increase many of your bills as well, so why don't you go for either free hosting or cheap hosting.

    I never recommand making your own computer a server...

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    I agree with everyone else, why host from your home computer?

    If you really want to thoguh here is a good howto:

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    Make sure this does not against your ISP company's TOS.And I do not know why upi want to do this,easily get the maintenance,save money?
    I'd also suggest go with a cheap shared hosting just like others said.
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