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    Just Host Vs Imhosted

    i am changing my hosts from hostgator to the JustHost or ImHosted.

    I am trying to buy shared hosting plan. I DO NOT want a video sharing website. My website will serve around 100-150 videos of each 5 mints duration.

    I am confused about speed of these hosts.

    My questions are
    1. How can i check the speed of these hosts (JustHost) & (ImHosted). (Any sample file download will do)

    2. How can i know which of these host has the fastest data transfer rate to my country. (PAKISTAN)

    3. ImHosted says it has OC-192, JustHost says it has OC-96. But how to confirm it?

    I am inclined towards JustHost as they are way cheaper than ImHosted. But i am also concerned about speed. Will a OC-96 connection(JustHost) will serve a 5mint video well.?


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    mods please move this thread to web hosting forum.

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