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    Leo Laporte - This guy rocks

    I used to really enjoy a TV program called Lab With Leo. Unfortunately, it got canceled and all I can see now are reruns. Well, I just found him again. This guy really rocks. . He always covers really interesting topics regarding the Internet. He's currently got live streaming talk, a blog, a syndicated radio show, etc.

    Have a look. If you're anything like me, you'll soon be a fan and a follower.

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    He used to be on a show called "The Screen Savers" on tech TV before the network was taken over by G4, some gaming outfit. Used to love that show, and his responses. Well worth checking him out, and good to see he's still doing that sort of work.
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    I used to love the Screen Savers. I wish TechTV was still around..

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    I've been a huge Leo Laporte fan for years, and am an avid listener to his podcast network.

    My recommendations for Leo fans are:

    This Week in Tech - General tech story site
    MacBreak Weekly - For us Mac guys
    This Week in Google - Almost entirely based on google and social media.
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    I do miss The Screen Savers. For more TechTV nostalgia, John C. Dvorak does a weekly podcast as well:

    Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb managed to stay on at G4 with X-Play.

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    I have G4, I miss TechTV

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    I LOVE TWiT. I've been listening to it for probably over a year now. I recently also started listening to Jason Calacanis' podcast (he's a frequent TWiT guest), This Week in Startups. It's not quite as mature as Twit, and Leo is definitely a better host, but Jason is one of the smartest business men I've had the opportunity to listen to.

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    another qualilty post.

    i'm grabbed already by twit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatScriptGuy View Post
    I used to love the Screen Savers. I wish TechTV was still around..
    Same here. TechTV was a great back in the day.
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    Twit is pretty good but it's only once a week. I like to watch Buzz Out Loud on cnet for daily tech news.
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