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    598 dead?


    Does anyone know what happened to the folks at I have ordered SourceGuardian 3 days ago, paid for it via PayPal, but still have had no response from them with my software download link, or activation code. Emails to their sales & support departments also go unanswered.
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    Hi there

    Firstly, sorry that it appears there has been an issue here in terms of communication. I work for SourceGuardian and we're far from dead Indeed, we have a major new version due out within a few days. The only thing I can think is that the emails from us to you are being spam trapped, but let me check into it and get back to you.

    Best regards


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    Hi again

    I've just had a look and it seems to be our fault (not any spam trapping). Your status shows as not having paid, which you definitely have when I looked further into it. We had a similar situation the other day with someone else who paid via the same method, so we need to look at our integration here just in case something has changed. This does not excuse us not getting back to you if you have sent support requests in. With it being the weekend here, I'll be unable to track why this happened until Monday - I hope this is OK and please accept my apology here for what looks like a breakdown in communication.

    I have sent your registration keys and we will also send you an email personally


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