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    Shared unmetered bandwidth - what tactic would work best?

    I got a question about shared unmetered bandwidth offerings. Currently we specialise in Dedicated Unmetered bandwidth offers but also offer metered.

    we see an increase in demand for shared unmetered, with some minor guarantees of troughput. Much in the style of FDC servers. We are toying with the idea, to add a shared unmetered service thats overbooked 1/4 (100 mbit) or 1/6 (gigabit).

    The questions.

    Are these overbooking rates reasonable? it looks like other companies roughly have these overbooking factors.

    What kind of hardware should be bundle with such an offer? obviously its the bargain hunter category (no pun intended) that we would try to appeal to. Would that mean generally lower end servers like ATOMs?

    Any other advice or input you can give us to streamline such an offer, is welcome. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Honestly, i wouldn't bother with the Atoms - they are far too underpowered to be much use to anyone! If you want to go for the more budget end, offer celerons with the option to upgrade.

    With regards to how many servers to share - only you can decide that with the prices you want to charge, but as long as you ensure that your customers are informed you'll be okay.

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    If you would scale like 25-40Mbit per server avg.. With burstable to 100Mbit of course when others arent using their BW.

    I think thats mostly what others offer, and thats what i have been getting at the other unmetered hosts that im on..

    And the hardware shouldnt be ATOMs, get some decent CPUs, and at least 2gig of mem, otherwise the server is useless ..

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    ATOMs, why not?

    As a customer, I would like to have as many options as possible. ATOMs, why not? There are many bandwidth-hungry applications that don't require too much processing power. And vice versa. For example, you could offer Atom-based "killer" deal, which could be cheap but not upgradeable, and other, non-Atom based, more or less customizable options.

    As far as the shared bandwidth goes, again as a customer, I would like to have minimum guaranteed bandwidth policy clearly written in the offer, eg. "20 Mbps guaranteed, burstable to 100 Mbps" or something like that.
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