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    Template needed for gallery / shop

    Hi There,

    I need someone to make a template for me.
    I'm starting a picture / statue / figurine gallery online.
    I need to have a template made for that kind of site.
    I do not want to have one of those webhost templates all gimmicky and complex, but it must have a feel of visiting a gallery more then a online store. However I do not want all the pics on one page. The items on display will however have information, dimensions and prices. I would also like a link from the general gallery to specific information on that item.

    Please let me know if you need more info.

    The template would be best under Dreamweaver MX but any other type will also be looked at.

    Note: I do not need a shopping cart as such. Just a few template pages for the main site, the gallery and the specific item pages.

    The theme is a african or jungle type...

    Can you please let me know what prices and anything else needed ...


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    Hello HingyGuy

    I'm pretty much interested. For the template my price is $60 as long as you give credits.

    click here to go to my site and have a feeling of what you can expect.

    thank you

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    Ok .. will do thxs ... what about an anonymous design .. ie: no credits ... how much would that be ?

    Please understand that I do not wish to take credit for your work, I want to buy it outright and not have links to other people.


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    do you have AIM or ICQ?

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    Ok, just to clarify this credit issue ... I need a finished product ... I don't want to have to give credits and I want to be able to modify this template further to my needs ....

    Sorry no ICQ / AIM ... feel free to PM me tho ...

    thomss ... I looked at your site .. There is waay too much flash stuff I can not find anything on templates .... please direct me to the right place ...


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    Hey HingyGuy,
    I might be interested. Take a look at my portfolio at
    Please excuse the errors, as I am in the process of transferring my files to a new host.
    I can give it a shot.
    To God be the glory, Great things he has done!


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    Hello -

    I am interested in working with you on this project. I can create the templates (no credit link) for $150. Please refer to my online portfolio ( for examples of my work.

    Thanks for your time!

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