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    DataHostDirect gets an A+

    Hi All,
    Quick background on me: I'm in IT security, I've been running a webhosting company since 2002 and I've interfaced with a lot of vendors, service providers and support people in my time.
    Now that you know I'm not a newb:

    I would like to throw a HUGE pile of love over to the guys at DataHostDirect. I've been with them for about a year now.
    These guys have gone above and beyond time and time again. I've had several security incidents in the last year, these guys have jumped right to work helping me track down issues and resolutions and spun up new several VPS's for me to jump off to without even batting an eyelash. They've assisted with moves, researched requirements for software I wanted to install, temporarily provided additional server resources at a moment's notice in order to deal with unforseen issues, even responded to my security issues as if they were their own.
    They have responded quickly every time I needed them with aplomb.
    Bottom line: they have always put my needs and problems first. This is exactly the kind of partnership you need if you are going to build a stable and reliable hosting solution. I've had some really bad luck with some other companies who spend more money on advertising than infrastructure, so DHD was a real breath of mountain air.
    I forgot to mention that their prices are as low as you'll find for this level of service. Beware the walmart mentality when you shop for service - cheapest is often more expensive in the long run.
    If you are looking for a VPS host that will deal with you personally, make sure your interests are a priority, respond quickly and couteously, then you should at least give these guys a look.
    That's my unapologetic two cents. If anyone has any questions about this post or would like a more personal referral, I'd be happy to talk shop.
    Thanks for listening!


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    Thanks Andrew. That's a great review and it sounds like DHD are doing a great job giving you a 'personal' experience, which I'm a big fan of too
    Exceptional VPS Hosting. With love, 6sync.

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    Thank you Andrew. Like we always tell our customers, you're the heart of any business and you deserve to be treated that way. Without the customer, there's no business.

    I'm happy we could assist you and make such a positive influence on you and your company.


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