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    Links available on 3+ Yr old gaming forum - ~180k posts ~19k members

    We are offering text link spots on a very popular Three (3) year old gaming forum with almost 18,700 total gamers from around the world. All of our members have made more than 178,000 total posts in more than 10,000 different topics.

    The links will be sitewide and they will be included in all pages including our active Arcade (~100,000 global plays) along with our Game Reviews section and Game Server Info page.

    If you are interested in purchasing a link, the prices are as follows:

    1 month - $12
    3 months - $35
    6 months - $67

    The above are the only terms we support at the moment. All advertised money goes into paying for our own advertising as well as hosting and domain registration fees.

    If you are interested in knowing the URL please post here or PM me, I'll be happy to provide the link and any other requested information.


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    I'd like more information, PM me.
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    Please send me pm as well.


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