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    Point my domain to ISP web space

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to web hosting, so any help would be cool.
    I've registered two domain names - .com and - with two different registrars. The .com one points to a parking page for Namecheap and the doesn't point to anything. For now, I'm just using my ISP's webspace to host a temporary "coming soon" page, whilst I look for a web host. However, how do I point the to the ISP webspace URL? I'm currently using Namecheap for the .com, which will redirect to the site. Do I have to fiddle with the nameservers of either of the registrars?
    Thanks for any advice

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    You will need to get the IP address and point the A record of the to your ISP's IP which your web space is on. If its namebased hosting or you do not have a dedicated IP, you will need to contact the ISP and have them setup host headers for your or they may already have a panel for you to do so. Check with them.

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    Thanks for the reply. My ISP doesn't allow users to use nameservers for their webspace. Are there any free hosts that allows me to use nameservers simply to host a custom parking page?

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