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    * SQL Server 2008 Web vs Standard performance-wise

    Hello, I recently got a Windows VPS 2008 server running on Hyper-V. We need to set up SQL Server 2008 on this machine and we have two options to choose from: Web or Standard Edition. Feature-wise I know Standard has its advantages over Web but we are concerned about performance impact on our server since we don't have that much spare RAM to use.
    I am wondering if these two SQL Editions will consume more or less resources than the other (especially RAM) or will they require the same amount?
    We are also considering SQL Express but we wanna offer hosting services and someone might require features found in these other two editions.

    We currently host 2 small websites with very low database usage.

    Please clarify thanks.
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    performance wise they are more or less the same. Its the features that differs. Obviously when there are lesser features, the sql ought to run faster ;, but the data access and stuff like that will be the same across the versions.
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