I have a PROMISE TECH hardware raid card running a 4 disk RAID 10 array. I logged into today to check the drive statuses which were:

Drive 1: OK
Drive 2: OK
Drive 3: OK
Drive 4: OK, PFA

So they all look to be okay, but that 4th disk has PFA (I'm guessing that stands for predicted failure analysis) but I am not sure if that means its predicting a fail, or just stating that the technology is running?

Also, this array is the system drive on a server which has much too little memory, (there is usually 5-7GB PF swap during the day) and I'm concerned that the drives constantly under that stress are more prone to fail. They are 2.5" SAS 10k Fujitsu if that means anything.

Is anyone familiar with this raid card? Any help is greatly appreciated!