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Thread: DNS issue

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    DNS issue

    Hey everyone,

    I have a problem with recent Cpanel running on Centos (the latest). Everytime I restart the server DNSs do not perform until I restart the DNS service.

    can any body help with the issue?
    what causes this?

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    Type the following command in the console:

    chkconfig named on

    Also you can add the service named to chkservd, so that whenever it is found down chkservd automatically restart the service.

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    login to ssh using putty or console go to root dir tahn type chkconfig --list after that turn on named

    ok how to do this check here
    type chkconfig named on

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    Thanks, both solutions work perfectly.
    about the auto restart what command can I use?

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    ok download this attach to solve all of your problems

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    Are you sure of the preparation of the Dns

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    yeah bro dere is also explaied named on service

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