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    Question quick php/mysql job

    Hi there,

    Iím looking for someone to undertake the following bit of php/mysql coding for a website:

    Admin will login via htacces to a page where he can add 'items' into any of the 4 previously defined categories- a,b,c,d.

    Each item he adds will consist of 3 pics (thumbnail, medium, large), description and a price (possibly a few more like product number)

    He should also have the option to delete items once sold.

    His customers can then visit which will show a list of the thumbnails of all the items in that category. They can then click on any thumbnail to get the description up and price etc.

    After this customers can then phone, email etc for sales. A shopping cart/online ordering is not necessary, nor does it need a design i can sort all that .

    If someone can give me a quote on this via reply, PM or email I would be very grateful...

    Kind Regards,

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    I sent an e-mail to you. I'm interested in doing this if you haven't got someone already working on it.
    - joey

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    Many thanks to all of you who replied via email/pm.

    I have now found someone to complete this work.

    kind Regards,


    P.S. Big up to the guy who quoted me $3000

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    I'm just wondering, how much do you pay now for something like this?


    PS: No, I'm not the guy who quoted $3000.

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