BX Management

BX Management is presently looking for United States based cPanel Systems Administrators interested in working in a remote position providing server management support to our customers. If you are interested in this position please follow the instructions in this post to apply for a position.

You MUST be based in the United States to be considered for this position. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you are outside the United States DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING - You have no chance of being hired - and you will likely receive a nasty reply in return.

Candidate Requirements
If you do not meet ALL of these requirements, do not waste your time or ours.

- Must be based in the United States (NO EXCEPTIONS)
- Must be at least 18 years of age
- Excellent Customer Service / People Skills a MUST
- Must be able to effective multi-task
- Reliable high speed Internet connection
- Available to work during scheduled shift
- Available via phone if needed by management
- Ability to sign/scan/return NDA with Photo ID
- Minimum 3 years experience with cPanel
- Ability to solve basic to advanced server management issues

As we are a server management company, you should be prepared for any issue ranging from novice questions (i.e. How do I access cPanel) to advanced/complex server issues (i.e. finding the source of a hack, reading server logs, fixing downed servers, etc). We are NOT interested in Level 1-3 technicians. We are in need of Level 1-3 systems administrators with advanced knowledge and experience.

Shift Openings / Compensation Plan
A Line: 1 AM to 9 AM EST
B Line: 9 AM to 5 PM EST
C Line: 5 PM to 1 AM EST

Payment is on a per ticket basis with personal bonuses based on customer reviews and internal management reviews. Those that work hard and ensure customer satisfaction will be rewarded.

Starting pay per ticket is as follows:
Level 1 Administrator: $2.00 per ticket
Level 2 Administrator: $3.50 per ticket
Level 3 Administrator: $5.00 per ticket

Shift differential payment is provided as follows:
A Line add an additional $1.00 per ticket
C Line add an additional $0.50 per ticket

Your level of experience will be determined by BX Management.

Please read these instructions carefully. If you cannot follow these basic instructions we will not bother looking at your application. If you cannot follow instructions while applying, how can we trust you can follow instructions once hired?

To apply for a position send an email to: jobs[at]bxmanagement.com

In your email you MUST include:
- Your Full Name
- Your Full Address
- Your Phone Number
- Shift you are available for
- Past experience
- References

You can attach a resume as long as you initial email contains the requested information above.