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    Why pay overages?! Full 42U Cabinet 100 Mb/s $1449

    Why pay more than you have to? Never worry about overages or not having enough bandwidth!

    42U Cabinet 100 Mb/s
    Full 42U Cabinet in the renowned Colo4Dallas facility
    20 AMPs 120V Batter and Generator backed power
    100 Mb/s BGP4 blend of Level3, Time Warner, Internap and Cogent
    /26 IP Addresses (61 Usable IPs)
    Ping/HTTP/DNS monitoring available
    $1449/Mo $0 Setup
    Fiber is Available for GigE burstability
    Order Now

    A/B power, 208V (20 or 30 AMP) power is available.

    1U Colocation 100 Mb/s
    /29 IP Addresses (5 Usable)
    1 Remote reboot port
    Ping/HTTP/DNS monitoring available
    100 Mb/s dedicated
    Order Now

    Cisco 3550 layer3 switches are available for lease for $50/Mo.
    APC 0U Power strips available for lease for $60/Mo

    New orders only (current customers can add to their accounts)
    We also provide KVMoIP for $10 Setup $5/Hr
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    James Lumby

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