So VPS is a great solution. It let's you get your hands on something much like a server, at a fraction of the cost. But there's one big flaw. Heck, even dedicated servers have this flaw. And that is - what happens when server hardware fails? The answer? Boom. You go offline. If you had more than one vps on that core node, then all your VPS would go off. And that sucks.

How long you're down depends how quick the guys running around in the data center can fix the server, whether they have the spare parts, whether any data was damaged when the server died... lots of factors that all add up to one messy situation. Hardware failure happens, that's a given. The answer is having the system to intelligently handle that problem when it does. The good news is that we've got just that solution, all for the same price as a decent VPS server.

With our solution your VPS runs on multiple nodes. Should a node experience a hardware failure, your VPS will auto-failover to alternative hardware. Best of all this happens in 3-5 minutes with no human intervention. This means no extended downtimes or sleepless nights due to hardware failure.

Not only can we put VPS on this platform, but we can also put infrastructure on it. We can put switches, load balancers, firewalls - all with built in high availability. Best of all this isn't bleeding edge. It's based on AppLogic which is a tried and tested enterprise grade solution, in development for more than three years.

The bottom line is hardware failure happens. Make sure you give your business and your customers the best protection you can.


PM me or email [email protected], let me know what size server you need, and we'll hook you up with a special discounted introductory deal for WHT members.

For rough costings click here. It all starts from as little as $35/22 a month.

The virtualization is all Xen based - theres absolutely no overselling: you pay for resources, and you get those resources - all of the time.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Best wishes,

Jo Stonehouse