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    * NEVER PAY OVERAGES AGAIN! Full Cab and 100 Mb of Bandwidth for $1,499/mo

    FULL CAB COLO w/ UNLIMITED Bandwidth- ONLY $1,499/mo!

    Full Cabinet (42U) in the Dallas InfoMart
    110v/20amp power drop
    100 Mbps handoff to blend of two Tier-1 providers running BGP routing
    (Abovenet and Level3 today)
    100 Mbps bandwidth commitment
    8 IP addresses
    Ping monitoring
    SAS70 TYPE II Certified
    FREE Remote Hands & Eyes!!!

    $1499/month, Zero setup

    Limited number of cabinets available!

    For new cabinet orders only

    Additional Services Available: PDU, additional IPs, secondary network hand off,redundant power drop, monitoring/escalations, firewall management.......

    Call 214-646-1950TODAY and reserve your space.

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    I see that C4D under-cut you by $50 about 90 minutes after you posted your special. Are you willing to match their price? I much rather be in the Infomart.

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