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    [For Hire] US Based - Linux Freelance/Server Managment - 12+ years experience

    Hello WHT! I am currently looking for freelance/system management work. I prefer jobs that will open up potential repeat work rather than just one time jobs but all inquiries are welcome.

    About me:

    I have worked in the IT field for the last 12+ years and have been primarily in the high end web business for the last 5 years. I previously worked as the Technical Lead for HP/EDS on the account and currently work for Level 3 Communications in their Content Delivery Network group.

    I am experienced in Linux server management/administration on about every level, I can build a LAMP based server from scratch with or w/o a control panel. I apply a personal touch to everything that I work on and guarantee your satisfaction. I can optimize, secure, harden existing setups or help you select a new dedicated server and manage it all for you. I like to build a good relationship with my clients and keep my clientele base small.

    I am a mature adult with a good work ethic. My prices are competitive but not the cheapest as I take pride in my quality of work. If you are looking for someone you can build a good working relationship with then look no further.

    You can contact me via the following:

    AIM @ michaelkern99
    Yahoo @ xlrov
    MSN @ msk - @ -
    email @ msk - @ -

    Resume and References are available on request.


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    Do you have any networking experience?
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    I have all the standard network experience you would expect a normal system admin to have. I can get around in all standard Cisco IOS based software and configure basic routers, switches, etc. and understand the general network concepts and how to implement them. I am not a network expert by any means. Maybe there was something more specific you were looking for. Feel free to IM me and I can try to answer the question better.

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