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    need suggestions for web hosting

    hi guys,
    I am looking for a hosting with the following constraints
    - max budget is 15$/month
    - should be linux hosting
    - cpanel preferred but not necessary
    - need really high transfer speed (i already have a hostgator shared account but the file download speed is very low. I will be sharing some work related videos on my site with an average file size of 50mb. I want my clients to be able to download these files fast)
    - need php > ver5

    thanks in advance

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    What are your actual space and bandwidth requirements?

    EDIT: A good place to start is in the offers section:
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    Whomever you choose as a host, ask to ensure tat the server is on a 100Mbps uplink connection (shared) or ask the host for a test download link so you can see what the download speeds are like for yourself.
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    Why would you want to ensure that the internet connection is a 100mb/s shared? Surely you would want a 100mb/s dedicated port to the server?

    I suggest you get some hosting close to where your sharing your videos, this will increase the speed at which they can download files.

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    May I suggest you something? I think that it would be much better fro your to find "File Hosting" service and to have separate hosting accounts for the website and the download section. Otherwise it would be harder to find a quality and at the same time low cost service.
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    It is indeed not a strange idea to split downloads and hosting; if content delivery of videos is of high priority you could also look into CDN's which would improve the download experience of your visitors no matter where they are located; although the pricing of such a service may grow above your budget rapidly when pushing a lot of bandwidth.

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    You should start looking at a Dedi Server by your area, Or what you can do is get a File Sharing Hosting account, There are some companies out there that offer that.

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    I'd recommend using Amazon cloudfront (CDN) for hosting your video files. You can find out more info at:
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    i already have a hostgator shared account but the file download speed is very low.
    Your/your visitors location may actually have a significant effect on the maximum download speed. Hostgator's servers are located in the US. If you're not more or less close to them, you should try to find hosting in a nearer geographic location.

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    as dan said, location affects the download speeds. And it could also be that you have low download speeds on your computer (just an assumption) - but anyway, what kind of speeds are sufficient for you?

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    Almost could get a dedicated server with a little more money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilbert View Post
    Almost could get a dedicated server with a little more money.
    Yes, like with $100 more
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Regarding the hosting, I don't want have separate servers for my video files and my website. I need any hosting where my clients don't have to wait too long for downloading the files. On an avg the file size is 50MB.
    I tried a download from hostgator using a 2mbps line, the download was capped at less than 512kbps .

    Another question is that do we get better transfer speeds on a vps that a shared hosting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkydark View Post
    Another question is that do we get better transfer speeds on a vps that a shared hosting?
    Due to the nature of a VPS this would be very unlikely; a VPS is in most cases sharing the same network card as other VPSes on the same server.
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