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    * Itexperts VPS BAD ISSUES!


    Well i orderd a vps from them little under 3 weeks now?

    and well ive experienced serious downtime's, ive had been suspended for someone reporting to them about my vps downtime which the person is not affiliated with me.
    And over the past few days ive had disk limited exceeded on my vps when i have 50GB and which ive only used 6% of that now this caused cpanel and multiple errors with my sites and my clients websites which resulted in me doing re-load on my vps thinking it was the problem but well after a whole weekend of restoring everything i was still getting these errors from cpanel etc withoyut even restoring everyones files completely which i had to do manualy as i couldnt do a backup run on the server.

    i done some further investigation i came across this:

    [email protected] [~]# Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted
    /dev/simfs 200000 197131 2869 99% /

    Which tells me they have completely over sold there server from worldstream and it appears the server they on have with had 500Gb HDD which is ALOT of overselling for a 512 mininum ram vps with 50gb space.

    I have contacted them as this is crippling my company which we are new and this is the only solution as to a vps that is in the netherlands.

    we are really not pleased as we have just paid alot fo bills to get our company running now we are being faced with this issue and we cannot afford to get our own dedicated server this month.

    there website is:

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    As long as I remember and have access to all your tickets. You stated that you resolved the issues after reloading the OS yourself. If the clients state he resolved the Issues, ofcourse we will close the ticket.

    Now you re-opened a New Ticket today saying it is not resolved. Which we are working to sort out and you prefered to open a WHT thread here.

    As long as it concern you are the only one facing this issue.

    And I would appreciate that you do not talk about overselling our Services when you have no Idea of how the server is configured and works. We have never oversold our services nor would we ever do it.

    Yes, you were suspended as you presented a person to us whom you said was your system admin who had no respect for our staff.

    If you still have issues, I would be Glad enough to help sort you out.

    Your issues were caused by Inodes and Kmesize on your VPS which we did increase.


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