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    is netearthone is white labeled registrar?

    i have read somewhere here on WHT as netearthone is soon to be white labeled registrar?

    any news?

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    They are developing their own platform, but I am not sure how you mention to "white labeled registrar". No information about NE1 when checking whois info?

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    A white labeled registrar would be probably a company accredited as a registrar on some other unknown name than the one with which it does business. For example, people know DirectI and Resellerclub, but they don't know Publicdomainregistry which is the backend registrar of these companies. I remember a customer of mine thinking Public Domain Registry is a non-profit organization which is a governing body of domain names.
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    This is the ICANN registrars list for the various TLDs: The .com is the most popular extension and most registrars would be accredited for it. And Net Earth One is on the list and is accredited for asia .biz .com .info .name .net .org .pro .tel.

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    I've been a netearthone client/reseller for awhile and their new platform has been spoken about for quite awhile but to the best of my knowledge theres not a release date planned.

    Their current system could hardly be considered white-labeled.

    Im sure Chris will have something to add.
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