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    NetFirms - Domain Satisfaction Guarantee Scam

    we mistakenly register a wrong domain with a spell mistake at netfirms. after that I sent a email to them with in a hour because they mention on their web site . .

    The problem is still there & till now after 24 hours we not even received a single email from their side..

    I'm pretty much sure that "Domain Satisfaction Guarantee" is just another marketing tactic or in other word SCAM.

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    at-last received email from their side.

    they have canceled my order for the misspelled domain name and have reversed the charge.

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    i think you need to learn to be more patient with things like this before calling it a scam, simple words like that can do a lot of damage to a company
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    We most definitely stand behind our domain name guarantee and am glad to see that your issue has been resolved.

    Our domain guarantee is in no way a scam and we have been offering this same thing for many years.

    As long as we have received the request within a reasonable amount of time during the 48 hours, then we would honor the guarantee even if our response to you was a little late.

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    You need to be more patient, first you make a mistake then you call a company a scam when it clearly says "within 48 hours". They did not promise anything within 24 hours.

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    Netfirms is one of the few companies that even offer this type of service. Next time perhaps try giving them a ring if you need a faster response.
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    Can a mod edit the misleading thread title, please?

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