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    Apache 2.0 and Per Child Forking

    So Apache 2.0 is here and while despite its recent onslaught of bugs it seems to have had lots of "patches" that hopefully will fix most of these problems.

    Has anybody been using this in a Real World Environment?
    Have you been using anyof the new "security" features like the Per Child Forking that allw you to run websites under different users ID?.

    How well has this been running?
    Does this solve alot of the PHP/Perl Security problems.
    Does this require you to run Perl/CGI under suexec still? Y
    ou run PHP as a module for faster execution (stillproviding the same security) ?
    Do you still chroot a user to a directory?

    Have there been any security quirks? problems you have noted?

    Anybody tested anyof the "perl" snifferes or PHP vulnerabilities of pulling up files/directory listings from other directories?

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    there are a lot of issues with 2 i have heard of. wouldnt use it in production or even on a public server imho.
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    apache 2 is only decent at serving static pages... it can never be as good with php/cgi as 1.3.x... i see no point in anyone using it anywhere really...

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