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    Indian Spiderman

    Looks like climbing is his natural trait....they call him Monkey King

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    SPIDER MONKEY! haha WOW he is crazy...I guess everyone's got there own talents
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    Man! When he spun upside down to raise his position AND change from front facing the wall to back facing it, I thought to myself "NO WAY!"

    I remember guys doing this stuff as a kid, but I'm pretty sure they had been drinking
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    The only thing that lets us down a bit is the fact that the demo is well rehearsed. Doesn't change the awesomeness if his act though. Cool video!

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    I remember climbing trees as a kid, and occasionally hanging upside down.

    But WHAT???? This guy is hanging over 50ft up swinging around with his fingertips....

    NO WAY!
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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