What is ezeelogin?
Its a secure tool for your SSH gateway server that would assist you in administering and managing thousands of servers/virtual containers easily and efficiently hence brings with it time and money savings.

Why does a NOC, or Hosting company or support company or a Sys-admin need it?

It reduces the time spend by sysadmin/support staff managing & administering multiple servers, hence you can use your precious sysadmin or technical support hours to better use or you can manage more number of servers using lesser number of staff, hence money savings that increases each time you hire a new sys-admin/tech or add more servers to your existing fleet.


mExec Shell or parallel shell : The multiple-server execution shell or parallel shell enables simultaneous execution of commands on a selected list of servers in the gateway interface. Working on multiple servers is now as easy as working on a single server using the mExec shell. screenshot

Ezee-access: Simply start typing the name of the server which you want to access on the interface and you would be inside the server with minimal key presses to ssh into server. screenshot

Ezee-lookup: Easy look up of server root password, server id, server rack id, noc etc.screenshot

Ezee-reset: Easily reset the root password of large number of servers in the interface in matter of seconds.

Super-pass : Easily set super strong root password of preset lengths. (NO more prompts saying this is a BAD PASSWORD!!!) and there is no way a hacker could brute-force the root password set from ezeelogin interface.

Auto-reset : This feature allows periodic automatic resets of root password on all your servers.

Ultimate Security : Users would not be presented with a shell account on the gateway server for logging into the server that they administrate, instead they would be provided with an interface that would list the server to which they have access. Hence improved security on your gateway server. Moreover, even if someone does manage to root hack your gateway server, all sensitive information is stored encrypted with the latest informidable ciphers available in the industry today.screenshot

Ssh-logging : Key logging and full session logging of ssh sessions so that you can go through the activities of all users entering via this interface. This would be a very useful feature if you want to monitor the ssh activities to the last key presses of your inhouse/outsourced tech support/admins.screenshot

Tier Access : This would allow you to group your staff and your servers into different categories and decide which user/user-groups have access to which server/server-groups.screenshot

Sequential shell : This would let you execute different commands on multiple servers with out having to ssh into each server one by one. The sequential shell provides you with interactive command prompt of each server in the list and would take you to the next server as soon as you exit the current one.

Command Line guard : This would prevent accidental command execution like rm -rf /. screenshot

Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway server software?

* The only way your fleet of servers could be accessed is through the interface provided by Ezeelogin. In the event of your gateway being root hacked the hackers would still have to decrypt the information in the database to access your fleet of servers, which is almost next to impossible.

* In the high unlikely event of the hacker getting access into the admin login interface of ezeelogin, the intruder would still have to break the informidable security codes to access your fleet of servers.

* Unlike traditional methods it does not store the ssh keys or the root password in a file on the server, instead it stores all critical data encrypted in the database.

* Each ezeelogin software is custom build for each customer which means no two copies are identical. This property ensures that your critical data is decrypted only by your custom build ezeelogin and not by any other copy of the same software.

* Additional Security code prompts prevents even the root user from getting access into the ezeelogin interface, thus ensuring that your fleet of servers are still safe even if your gateway server gets rooted.

* Uses the latest ciphers available today for data encryption and decryption.

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