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    Connect to my home server from outside my home network?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm very excited to get to know this intellectual community.

    I'll just provide some background info of my server before I delve into some questions.

    I have a web and file server running behind a router at home, using Cent OS Linux distribution as its operating system. I have Webmin installed on it to power the webserver part of my server and Joomla installed as my website content management system. My website is also registered with a free subdomain from no-ip dot com. Since my internet back home is DSL (which means my computers' IP addresses are dynamic), I have a DNS updater on my server to update its IP address constantly, which allows me to access my website anywhere in the world. In order to allow access to my website anywhere outside my home network, I forwarded port 80 on my router. In addition to all of this, I can SFTP into my server and access Webmin's backend interface by typing in https://, my server's network IP address, and port 10000 into my browser.

    So here's my question. I am unable to SFTP into my server or access Webmin's backend interface from outside my home network. Mainly because I haven't quite figured it out. Do I need my server's external IP address? Do I need to forward more ports to allow SFTPing? How can I access my Webmin (outside my home network) using https and my server's IP?

    Sorry for so much info and questions, and thanks for your time!


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    Do u have iptables or any other firewall running on your server

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    Just like you've done already with port 80, you'll need to forward ports 10000 and whatever your sftp is running on (and if that's 22 you might want to change it first, otherwise you'll be constantly probed by bots attempting to log in to ssh).

    Edit: And you should be able to use either your server ip address or the no-ip subdomain for both.

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    @ senetpro:
    I don't believe I have any firewalls or iptables on my server. What do you recommend I get?

    @ foobic:

    Thanks for your reply! I will forward port 10000 when I get back home this weekend. So I shouldn't open port 22 to allow SFTPing? What other port do you recommend I open that is safe?

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