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    Background VPS ..


    lets Says your Site gets alot Hits , Alot Download files .

    your Shared Hosting Kiked you Out of high loading , you ended up Buyin VPS.

    lets say u do not know how to manage vps so this wht you did
    Put all your Download files , images in the VPS and link to them or leach from a Shared Hosting .

    and now all the hits and the Pain and Suffering will be in the VPS , and your Shared Hosting will Stop Cryin out louad .
    Why to do this
    1- You do not know how to protect and manage ur VPS
    2- you want your Site Protected from your Shared Hosting

    if someoe DDOS your vps your vps will be down but your site will be still on since its on shared Hosting but Visitors will not be Apple to download files or see images

    is that sounds any Good to you? No ! why Not ?

    PS : I have not did that before .. waiting to hear your thoughts

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    1) You should probably go for a managed vps with ddos protection if you see that being an issue (can cost more)

    2) I'd recommend also possibly going for a VPS w/ Unmetered Bandwidth with a certain port speed if download is what you're looking to do mostly.

    Try the FIND A HOST option as well.

    Good luck
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    take the money you would spend on the shared hosting and put it towards the cost of management

    problem solved
    Best Regards,


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    You would definitely be looking at a managed VPS.

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    I do know how to run VPS , but i'm not always there to monitor it ..

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