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    * interserver >>> I Need Your Feedback

    Hello , i want to book server from interserver

    Do you think interserver are good or what and what about Uptime and Answer customer alot of things like that ,

    Plz your Feedback important for me , Thanks alot

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    I have never had any servers direct from Interserver but I have had a few through a provider which has colo space at Interserver and utilizes their network... Uptime and speeds were great Great connection to the UK

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    I had a $39 server from them for a project and they were really good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SC-Daniel View Post
    I have never had any servers direct from Interserver but I have had a few through a provider which has colo space at Interserver and utilizes their network... Uptime and speeds were great Great connection to the UK
    thanks alot

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    I would also be interested in some feedback about InterServer. I'm strongly considering using their $39 server option.

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    I am a current customer of InterServer, and their network is fine and my port is blazing (expected it to get slower and slower as the months went by...still blazing to this day).

    For what I am paying, I am getting my monies worth. I have used their $39 server option as well and you won't be disappointed for less than $10 aweek. Friendly staff as well, though the tech known as Tom is more like a monkey than a tech.
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    We had a server from them. Network is solid but their support staff / communication with the company wasn't up to par.

    Just like with Softlayer we scheduled a server upgrade with them on their terms and they failed to do it, or even follow-up on it. So as we did with Sl we had a server down expecting the upgrades to take place. When we called Interserver the tech didn't know anything about it and I don't recall ever even being followed up with. Same thing happened to us at Softlayer.

    This was a year + ago so things might be different now.
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    They are not well known on WHT might be but they have a stable network. Support? We do not used support yet but for reboots response time about 15-20 minutes which is acceptable. Once time, about day or two after new server were setup, hdd was failed but because server has RAID-1 they replace failed hdd and rebuild array online so died time was about 20 minutes. Ip allocation took about 1-2 hours within a business hours. Server setup took about 1-2 day and it is also reasonable time. We do not hold there too many serves but all current customers happy with them and i do not heard any complain for packet lost or h/w problem.
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    I am late to this party, but I really do want to put in a good word for Interserver. Earlier this year, I had an atom server with them for a couple of months that I was using as a "proof of concept" server for a client. Uptime was perfect. Support was quick to reboot and/or reload the OS, which was required a couple of times.

    Last week, I had finally had enough with downtime/instability on my main VPS that serves my client files. That provider had been great for a year, but over the last few weeks had any number of problems on my node. My backup VPS was also AWOL that day (yes a really bad day).

    Anyhow, I HAD to move or my clients would have yelled a LOT more. I ordered a new Atom from Interserver in the middle of the afternoon, told them to email me at a different address (because my main one was down due to VPS problem). I was expecting a new server in a day or two. I got an email later that day saying that they were out of stock of Atoms until the next morning and would I mind taking an upgraded server at the same price, seeing as it was urgent to get it working.

    Before I could even answer the question, the server was up and running, less than 5 hours after my order.

    It has been solid. I have had to contact support twice on various small setup items, and the response has been within 15 minutes.

    I don't think you can go wrong with these guys. They did MORE than I ever asked or ever hoped. I am very impressed.

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    i've dealt with interserver and what i'd seen for the period of time was good, nothing bad to say.
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    This is a great forum to ask people's opinions and get references. I think doing this will help for any unforeseen problems in the future. Are there any specific needs that your hosting company should have for you?
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    In order to verify his review, Mystikk has provided two domains and a server hostname that he's recently moved to interserver.

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    Interserver deleted my site permanently without warning due to a late payment. No option of recovery. Lost a lifetime of emails. I'd say the server speed and network speed were good though. Just if you choose month to month payment, don't be late. I rate them 1/10 though because late payment can be better dealt with than deleting permanently the entire HDD.

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    I use them to colocate my servers. They are a great provider!
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    We have 1 $39 server from them Network uptime 100%.

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    Interserver is pretty good. I had their Atom server for a month just to play with it and it was nice. I also had a server with HoneLive for a long time prior to going colo.
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