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Thread: How do I?

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    How do I?

    Hey there guys. Its me again. So I got some one to help me install cURL. Now all I have to do is change the permissions for the /usr/bin file for the crons and such.
    Could some one help me? Or tell me how to do so?

    Would appreciate it much and thanks.

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    /usr/bin is a system binary files and if you change the owner of the files listed on /usr/bin some of them won't work , but you should have access directy without doing any change of files.

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    I don't understand exactly what you want to do.-
    But for changing permissions on *unix systems:

    chmod xxx /path/to/your/file/or/folder
    if you need an executable file, you could try "chmod 777"

    To change permissions to a whole folder (and files/folder under it) you must add "-R" (chmod -R xxx)

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