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    2 registrars and 1 host

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the world of web dev/hosting and came across these forums which have an immense amount of information! I'm about to start an online business, based in the UK, and was wondering if it's common practice (or recommended) to have two different domain providers (.com and and a separate webhost? At the moment, I haven't settled on a webhost, but have got a domain name which is available in both TLDs. Is it okay if I register them with different registrars and have them 'point' to a third webhost (in the near future)?

    Thanks for any advice

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    If I read your question correctly in that you want to different domains from two different companies to point to a single third company for hosting then yes it's certainly possible. You would want to check out parked domains, your host can set it up for you.
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    I think that's a good idea. This way you can separate the domain names that run your company, from the registrations you provide to customers (if that's what you do), and therefore keep your companies domain registrations out of employees hands during the period where you dont really trust them.

    Also, topic reminds me of 2 girls 1 cup, had to post something in here. And its a shame 2shoes1bush was taken.. .anyway back on track!
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    My plan is to protect the .com domain (and redirect it to the one) so that if I can protect my company name. I've heard good things about Namecheap for the .com address so will be going with them. For the, I was thinking of csnewmedia which I've also heard to be quite reliable.
    Thanks for the replies.

    ps: I was actually thinking of putting "Safe for work" in the thread title as it did sound quite dodgy lol

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