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    any fdcserver reseller accepts EPASS or WMZ(webmoney)?

    hello all folks...

    Can members here please list some fdcserver's resellers that accept EPASS or WMZ(webmoney)? I don't have Paypal or Credit Card but only have EPASS or WMZ(webmoney)

    i will want to buy 2-3 servers

    can some resellers who can accept EPASS or WMZ(webmoney) resell fdcserver's servers to me or if you know someone who does, please leave me their contact

    PM or post here your contact please (email/msn/icq)



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    There's no need to post this multiple times. I do not know any places that accept ePass / WMZ.

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    sorry for double posting, i posted on dedicated section before i see this reseller forum

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    Webmoney is the payment system for the Russia region and I assume you will need to do the search there for the web host
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    Do you atleast have a bank account?
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    hi guys

    can anyone here please recommend some RUS hosting forums?



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    I saw some Russian websites offer paypal service to those Russian people who don't have paypal and want to pay for hosting or other service but i haven't tried any of these sites but It seems it works after some research

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