I have a client who is looking for a small app that will run with the Clickatell sms API gateway.

Basically what my client wishes to do is allow customers send an SMS to his dedicated Clickatell number. In this SMS will be a unique ID, a shortcode basically that identifies them.

My client will have a CSV file which will contain a list of say 500 of these unique ID's, each ID will have 4-5 pieces of information.

When the customer texts their shortcode they should then receive back all the data relevent to the ID in the CSV file.

My client needs an interface where he can simply upload this CSV file and the database will do the rest. The file will need to be deleted once a week and a new one uploaded with the latest data.

Coding in mySQL/PHP is preferred.

I am looking for a Quote and a timescale to complete what is outlined above. You must have experience with the Clickatell API and be able to deliver this fully working and bug free. If you have a similar system already in place that can be demoed I would be interested in seeing this also.

Please PM me your quotes
Thanks for your time