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    Phone walkthrough - I'll prepay hourly and call you

    I will pay you in advance (instantly through PayPal) for speaking with me on the phone for an hour.

    I have a dedicated virtual Linux webserver with Plesk (rented through MediaTemple). It has apparently been compromised and is sending out spam. I have root access and have a very basic familiarity with the VI editor.

    I would like to call you (phone number in the USA) and have you walk me through checking the server to find the problem. I will not be giving you root access. There are no installations of wordpress, drupal or any other CMS on this server. I have used htmlMimeMail (by phpGuru) and am wondering if that is unsecure.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    It probably is vulnerable version. I suggest you verify the spamming after disabling the htmlMimeMail
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    I feel that i am up to this challenge, since you a new on here, how would i contact you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMan View Post

    I feel that i am up to this challenge, since you a new on here, how would i contact you?
    Well, could I just contact "the Server Doctor" site and ask for you? Whom should I ask for?

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