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    2 Separate Servers (IIS & Apache)

    I'm more of an application programming guy than network/internet guy so excuse any ignorance on my part.

    I am currently using shared hosting on an IIS server.

    I running SMF Forums and a business on the IIS server. I have a payment system that I've programmed tied into the MySQL SMF database. This payment system uses I'm a .Net programmer. SMF is also being currently ran on the IIS server, and it does ok.

    I'm really wanting to start running my forums on a separate Unix Server.

    So my question is, can i run my scripts on my IIS server that access the MySQL database on a separate Apache server? The Apache server and IIS server would have different domains (I'm guessing that'd be required).

    MyMainSite-dot-com (IIS)
    MyForumSite-dot-com (Apache & MySQL)

    I think this is possible, but wondering what others think. All I should need to do is change some connection strings on my Web.config on my IIS server to point to the new SQL databases. But just wondering if anyone had any info or advice.

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    sure, any provider running a multi-platform cluster of servers can accommodate this requirement..

    You need access to an IIS web server, an apache web server and a mysql DB server presumably running on native *nix vs windows..

    Look at providers offering a multi-platform plesk cluster or an hsphere cluster.. should be able to meet your requirements right out of the box..

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    Definitely. MySQL offers native support for remote connections. Just replace "localhost" with the IP of your remote MySQL host. Both your servers should be located in the same DC, preferably in the same private network -- to reduce latency.

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    Thanks guys.
    Hostingmini, what is DC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNulty View Post
    Thanks guys.
    Hostingmini, what is DC?
    I used DC as short hand for Data Center. This isn't necessarily required, but if your Windows host is Maine and your MySQL host is in California Latency will probably be an issue.

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    DC = Data Center :-)
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    No integration is needed between your IIS and Apache servers. Just grab any Linux/Unix server and you're done. You'll probably need the .Net drivers for MySQL although I would be surprised if they're not integrated already.

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    That's good news guys, thanks!

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