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    How can I register a domain from Enom ?


    How can I register a domain from enom ? i tried to but with no use i heard that i have to own a reseller or something like that ? i dont know whats the steps so please help me with that issue

    Thank you

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    For you need a reseller, but you can buy directly from their own company as a normal customer.

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    Enom pricing is nuts

    Retail pricing for enom is very expensive when you compare it to other companies (reseller pricing different issue). I'd suggest you even look at Moniker. Their retail pricing is higher than some companies but the company is well established if you are worried about that issue.
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    Enom is Reseller centric Registrar. and reseller centric registrar don't sell domains on their website.

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    I think most likely you cannot buy from them if you are not their reseller. They will refer you to their resellers...
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    Enom reseller accounts are free, so if you want to buy from enom you might as well setup a reseller account.
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    thank you very much guys ! i didn't know that ! after reading ur posts i find it strange, im an individual person that wants to register a domain but i think enom doesn't respect that just gives more priority to resellers, so i registered from and moniker to check them out and everythings seems fine with excellent pricing

    Thank alot !

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