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    Smile Free Colo, $45/mo on Towers, and Price Matching!

    By popular demand, Waveform Technology is continuing the Start Program, where we give two months of free colocation to unemployed workers. If you've been procrastinating with that great new business idea, well then now's the time to Start.

    This economy isn't perfect, but that recovery is coming. Make sure your company has its IT infrastructure in place for when business takes off. After all, data centers are where start ups begin.

    This offer is valid for 1u, 2u, and mid-tower servers, and we call it our Start Program. After the first two months pricing returns to standard rates. Which brings us to special #2:

    $45/mo for Mid-Tower colocation

    Order this month and pay the reduced rate every month after that. Offer is good for the rest of October, so don't delay.

    Mid-Tower Colocation Includes:
    100 Mb/s burstable port
    1000 GB monthly transfer
    Multi-homed network
    UPS & generator backed power
    No setup fee
    Month to month Contract

    If you can find tower colocation for less then let us know. We'll match any valid offer for a comparable package. Seriously, there's extra room on our shelves so it's time for a blowout. Now's the time to colocate in Michigan.

    Waveform's Michigan Data Center is an advanced facility featuring multiple Liebert UPSs and indoor generator backed power, along with a reliable multi-homed network and redundant cooling. More information about our Michigan Data Center is available at our website, or by contacting our sales team.

    Waveform Technology
    E-Mail us Here

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    How many ip's are included and does the $45 special apply to 1u colos also?

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    Qulix, We'll get you one IP address with the package, and additional IPs are $1/mo. There are some price breaks if you need a bunch of them, so just shoot me an email with what you need and I'll see what I can do.

    Unfortunately this $45/mo deal is only good with tower colocation right now, but our regular 1u price is still just $50/mo!

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