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    Question Looking for Adult Webspace (500 GB Traffic)

    Hello Dear Webhosting Talk Community,

    i have already an dedicated server, but with an strong traffic limit, so i search webspace (filespace) for my thumbnail images, the space is only for the images, no php scripts or databases are needed just imagespace.

    the hoster should tolerate adult content, and have no problem with 500gb bandwith per month. Paypal should be accepted as payment.

    its important for me that the webhoster follow their offers and dont kick me if i use high bandwith.

    <snipped> please advise me some hosters.

    best regards!
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    i have already an dedicated server, but with an strong traffic limit
    Get one with a higher bandwidth allowance. 1TB+ should be easy to find. I don't think that shared hosting is the way forward for you at this point.

    What's your budget?

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    you should try "VPS Buster Dedicated Server" I recommend them to my shared hosting customers if there site becomes to big for us to host on our shared servers. Not to Sure if they allow adult content though so I would make sure to ask.
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    What is wrong with your current dedicated server again? If you really need that kind of bandwidth, then a VPS or Dedicated would be a good option just based off that requirement.

    There may also be legality questions that the host will enquire.
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    It sounds like you need a different provider that doesnt restrict you with limited bandwidth. That other purchase another server?

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    I am not sure as I have never used them but Critex supports Adult hosting and they also have an "Unmetered" plan.

    Check them out, ask them if they allow what you are trying to do.
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    a web host won't kick you off for using too much bandwidth if you pay enough for it - but you'd still need a good vps or dedicated server - and I don't know what kind of server you already have, but most servers nowadays come with 1-2tb of bandwidth and you can get a decent one for around $80-$100 per month (assuming you're not looking for too many extra things)

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    Biggest question is if the content is legal. If it is, a friend of mine is starting to sell managed dedicated servers. He can help you out for a decent price,
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    I need to say that most shared hosts who allow Adult Content require that you host the pages on the same server as the images. This is called "Hot Linking". I would highly advise a VPS in this case.
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    Try OVH they offer low end dedicated servers through there sister company

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