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    Remote Dekstop Connection - CentOS


    I am new to Linux and using CentOS 5, I have also installed GUI (GNOME) and working fine but I want to conect that PC from windows XP over LAN/WAN with GUI like in windows using Remote Desktop Connection to connecting to a windows server.

    I Can connect to the CentOS via Putty Utilites which support SSH from windows XP but I want to connect with GUI same as I use phisicaly PC using GNOME GUI.

    In simple word I want to connect to a Linux from a windows XP with GUI like Remote Desktop Connection between Windows.

    Can any one help on it?


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    use vnc viewer.This will get you facility to view remotely via GUI.

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    Also, you need to setup the linux machine to access Remotely. You can do the same by going through System >> Preferences >> Remote Desktop and allow the access to other computers and you can specify there a password also.

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