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    groupadd not working?

    I keep trying to add a group for ftp users but it isn't showing up or working at all with pro-ftpd.

    server:~# groupadd ftpusers
    server:~# groups

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    grep ftpusers /etc/groups
    groupadd merely creates a group and does not add a user to that group. In this case it did not add the user root to the group ftpusers.

    groups command shows the groups the user is a part of.

    In order to add the user to the group you need to use the command 'usermod'

    usermod -G ftpusers root
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    You can use the following command to see in which all groups the user is present.
    groups username
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    Ah thanks for pointing that out david510, I missed it in my reply.
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