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    PayPal IPN Issues?

    Anyone noticing the PayPal IPN not sending notifications back this morning? We had quite a few payments come through last night and not get passed to the billing system. I spoke to someone else and they saw the same issue.

    The IPN logs at PayPal show the notification as sent, but they don't seem to be coming through :-/
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    Nothing new, happens once in a while, eventually it will be back to normal. offers high quality Xen OpenVZ & Windows Virtual Private Servers at affordable prices.
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    I noticed this happen today with some payments, it is very irritating to have this issue and have to add payments manually - but I guess it must happen once in a while. I hope PayPal are aware of/have fixed the issue now.
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    We're getting a lot of users emailing us about this PayPal problem.

    PayPal's IPN isn't working correctly at the moment and hasn't been for most of the day following some scheduled maintenance that didn't quite go to plan earlier. IPN calls are still being sent but they are failing to validate on the check with PayPal to verify it's an authentic callback.

    You can monitor the status of the outage and check for updates @

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    I actually just opened up a ticket with you on this, so disregard it. We've been having these issues for the past two days now, including today. So it is still on-going. Hopefully PayPal will get the issues fixed.
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