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    coupon site review?

    i have considered search engine optimization in the design so some place may appear a little odd. perhaps i put too many coupons in the first page?

    thank you all very much for your comments.
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    I like the site...nice, simple design.... what's the loading time on it? you don't want dialup ppl to be waiting too long for the opening pages.

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    i agree with rafiki55

    nice and simple site, easy to navigate, liked the colors u used but the list is huge. From greece with an 128K ISDN it seems like ages waiting to load. Organize your list, make categories and things will be loaded faster.

    Also check your links code and fonts cause when u put the mouse on a link the the whole bar moves right a bit.

    good luck
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    OK, very slow to load, as mentioned. The page is pretty long, which probably accounts for the lack of speed. You could easily shorten it up and organize things a little differently. Aside from that though, the site was fresh and clean and I liked it. I particularly like the way you've highlighted experation dates (I'm a coupon hound, so that's cool to me) and kept it well organized in that manner.

    Good luck.

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    Love the site design-- very clean and elegant.

    But your list makes the index page over 15 pages long. That's insane! The rule of thumb is 4 pages tops.

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    loads fast for me, its one of the few sites ive seem which uses a lot of colours but doesnt look clashy - well done.
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    The design works for the site, but you definitely should cut down the list on the front page. I would just feature enough to go to the bottom of your side links, then have a link to "more coupons" or something.
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    Looks great. Colors go well with the site and it also loads fine.

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    Where you have coupons & coupons, pust a good graphic or your logo there. Dont just waste that space.
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    thank you all for your comments. I did realize that the first page is a little too big. I am moving my site to another server so it will be shortened after the move.

    part of the slowness is caused by heavy server load and that's why i am moving it to a better server.

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    Originally posted by Bangs
    Looks great. Colors go well with the site and it also loads fine.
    that space was supposed to be reserved a banner but i found that banner ad is rather ineffective. therefore i put some keywords there (like most of other pages) for search engine purposes. perhaps not much use tho.
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