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    cPanel 11.25 released for Current builds

    If you have not updated to this version, do so now. It has some new things in WHM for Resellers and Root.

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    Personally i would not upgrade till the 'Released' version is available. The recommended version to run on according to cPanel. But if you don't mind to have some more updates during the following days and the chance your customers run in a not yet addressed bug; you could upgrade to 11.25.

    Build Types
    EDGE Edge is the bleeding edge tree. While it has the newest features; It has undergone the least amount of testing (if any). You generally shouldn't run this build unless you need a bug fix or feature in it. Once an equivalent CURRENT or RELEASE build has been released, you should switch away from this.
    CURRENT Current builds are more mature than the EDGE builds since they have been tested in a production environment.
    RELEASE Release builds are the prefered builds to run. They are generally current enough to have the latest bugfixes and new features, but without the worry of new bugs being introduced.
    STABLE Stable builds are for the conservative people who do not wish to run the latest release.

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    Downgraded back to 11.24

    Too many bugs.

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    Too many bugs?

    I dont think there is a choice here:

    This update has been rated as having an Important security rating by the cPanel Security team.

    All versions of cPanel prior to version 11.25.0 are vulnerable to cross site request forgery attacks. Cross-site request forgery, often abbreviated as CSRF or XSRF, exploits the trust a website has in a user's browser. By exploiting that trust a malicious user can execute unauthorized commands on a website.

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