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    Can you recommend me a large European company?

    I know there are many topics asking about European hosting companies but I need some specifics.

    First of all I'm going to buy a reseller account but I will only use it for my own websites. I won't sell so I don't need end user support.

    I would like the company to be at least 2 years old and very large. For example Hostgator has 7000 servers but it's in Texas and not Europe(though I will get reseller account from them if I can't find a host I like in Europe).

    They also should have good support and should be trustworthy.

    My budget is between 20-30$. Right now I don't have any high traffic websites but I would like to be able to upgrade in the future when I have.

    I also have a question. If I get a host which has Fantastico, are the programs I can install the same on every host? For example Hostgator has programs like Zencart,Cubecart,osCommerce. Are they included in every host that has Fantastico?

    Linux or Windows doesn't matter.

    Country doesn't matter much but I would prefer UK for English language support.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes Fantastico is fairly standard so any provider that offers that service will allow you to install those scripts.

    I believe GeekServ offer WHM Accounts to customers that aren't for resellers, you might want to check them out.

    You could also contact Hosts directly and ask them for a deal since you aren't going to be hosting clients.

    Good luck though!

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    Well, just browse the web for UK or Irish hosting providers (there are some excellent providers) or search the WHT for customer reviews. There are plenty of good web hosts in continental Europe and most of them (especially German, Dutch, Swedish, etc.) provide support in English. I would suggest you to check to company's business record and to ask question about the connectivity and the add-on services they would provide you as customer.
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    ok I will tell you about thing that is windows is more expensive than Linux but usually Linux seems better.

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