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    Four nameserver,two servers

    Would be possible to make two mirrored server with four nameserver where it would be setup if server one fails traffic would automaticly go to server two?

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    yes , I believe the last two name servers will point to a different set of IP ..right ?
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    umm how about just two nameservers? one on each server. sync the two.
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    Well the idea is to have two servers where one will be active server and other will be mirrored clone which will be automatically activated in case first server fails.But i think for making this to work it will be required to have special dns server with special configuration about this two servers.

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    that is more like fail-over clustering than DNS clustering, anything that clones a server will obviously include DNS as well

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    sounds like you are trying to reinvent the wheel..

    Fail-over can be achieved already by having multiple DNS servers that are synced. Unless you are trying to place your primary and secondary on the same server ..then mirroring the it with a standby server ..which again is completely pointless.

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