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    * Checkout Our Pdf File!!! Very Very Cheap Prices!!!

    We TRXNETWORKS.COM, we can give you the right custom hosting!

    Take a look at our pricelist: (PDF)

    if you wanna more information or an overview of a custom package, we will send you back per email the right package adapted for your needs!!!

    Mail me: [email protected]

    only a few of our customers:
    .... and many more...

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    Melbourne, Australia.
    Maybe next time you could provide packages/prices here, and also state info about your company - like the fact you seem to be based in Germany.

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    Yes, sure!

    Our servers are located in a closed security serverroom in Germany,
    and we make daily backup of our databases,
    web space backup weekly.

    I don't post here our plan, because it is complex,

    Have a look at our PDF Pricelist,
    other Pricelists of Gameservers and other custom packages are coming!

    Have a nice day!

    Alain, from TRXNETWORKS.COM

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